Frequently Asked Questions


Do you walk dogs? 

No, we take dogs on adventures. 

Where do you take the dogs?

We go to rivers, beaches, bushland and a hand full of the best locations where dogs can explore while off lead in a safe environment.    

What area / zone do you pick up dogs from? 

From inner suburbs of Melbourne within a few kilometres of the CBD. Inner north, inner east and inner south eastern suburbs.  

Can we drop our dog off to you in the morning if we are outside your zone?

We only pick dogs up from homes or workplaces within our zone, unfortunately no drop off’s available. 

How long is the adventure?  

1 hour at the chosen location. (Including drop offs and pick ups your loved one may be away from home for 3+ hours) 

What age do they have to be? 

As long as they've had all their injections we are good to go. The younger ones learn quickly from the experienced adventurers. 

Are you insured? 


How are the dogs transported?   

We have a small fleet of T+C vans and our Adventurers also use their private vehicles.

Do you adventure on the weekends?