Melbourne Dog Walking Adventures

Each day small groups of carefully selected lucky dogs are taken by our team on dog walking adventures, not just walks around the block. Led by a love and sense of care for all canines, we engage your dog in exercise and play. Our dog walking adventures give your dog the chance to get out and explore a location you as the owner may not have time to get to, helping them to socialise with a mix of dogs of all shapes and sizes. Our goal is that you too experience the benefits of a healthier and happier dog through our dog walking adventures. 



All our Adventures are roughly one hour long at one of T+C’s special and often secret adventure locations only known to us and locals. Sometimes the dogs may be out for 3+ hours. Clean air, open space, muddy and sandy paws galore.



For convenience we pickup from homes and workplaces but unfortunately dogs can’t be dropped to us. Our Adventures often take your dog off the beaten track, exploring secret goat trails and open green spaces within a sticks throw of the inner city.



Sandy paws and salty tails! Our Adventures often take your dog to some of Melbourne's best locations including beaches and rivers.


About Our Melbourne Dog Walking Adventures

We take a lot into account when we go on our adventures from the weather, location and each dogs personality and locations change from day-to-day.


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