Adventure Enquiries

We take great care in looking after your dog, so we like to know as much as we can about your adventurer before we get started! This way, we make sure everyone has the best adventure possible!
Please allow some time for us to get back to you because we're away from the computer adventuring all day everyday.

Name *
We need to know where your dog needs to be picked up from. It can be a workplace.
The dogs wont be on adventures near roads or cats.
Finally! For example: Roger is an active 7 year old labrador that's great off-lead and we think he might be part fish. He is very submissive and has zero issues with other dogs but cats are another story, he'll literally eat them by the bucketload. Although he doesn't get access to buckets of cats often... only on his birthday.
For example, Captain is a bigger than average Weimaraner