• Who is Captain?

A grey dog

  • Do you accept all dogs?

No. To be included in our adventures you (the dog) has to be use to being off lead. Obviously not near roads etc.. with other dogs of all sizes (not enclosed parks). You don't need to be perfect.

  • What suburbs do you adventure in?

We are constantly expanding however we mostly operate in the inner northern and south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Please let us know where you are located.

  • Do you pick the dogs up? 

Yes. We come to your home / workplace and pick up your dog in our T+C vans. 

  • Is it just you (Tom) that walks all the dogs?

No. We have a small awesome tight knit team of Adventueres and we don't 'walk' dogs we take them on an adventures #adventuresnotwalks. All our team own their own dogs and are experienced in dog stuff.

  • Is the travel time included in the 1 hour adventure?